Open Source Project for the MarkLogic Platform

What is it?

SteamWiki is an open-source, next-generation wiki, repository, and knowledge-discovery system coded in XQuery to be run on MarkLogic Server. Content can be imported into the system from other sources, be authored and edited in the system, or be generated by activity on the system, as with Question and Answers. Users can find relevant information via full-text search, filtered and faceted search, related content matches, and more. SteamWiki is intended to be a mature, robust, flexible, and performant application that is useful for organizations in knowledge capture, sharing, retrieval, and generation.

SteamWiki is currently in the planning stages. Initial requirements have been specified (although they may change), but little code has been written.

Features of SteamWiki are broken down into aspects:

The complete set of features and requirements can be found in this tracker.

Why Would I Want it?

A common challenge of many organizations is sharing the knowledge that individuals have. Even efforts to document knowledge often fail because of the difficulty and cost of capturing knowledge and maintaining the content over time. Having a system that is easy to administer, easy to add content, and easy to find relevant content would be valuable to many organizations, and people might actually enjoy using it.

Secondarily, SteamWiki is an example of a mature XQuery web app written on MarkLogic, so it can be a reference to developers on how to develop XQuery code. It will also help developers in the MarkLogic community be able to learn from each other as they share the code. And since this is open-source, no one has to worry about exposing proprietary or confidential code with each other.

How Do I Get it?

You can find the most recent release on the project summary page.

You can download the code from subversion (see for information on how to do that).

See the README file on currently how to install it at

Why Would I Want to Help Code it?

Because you would like to use SteamWiki, you want to try writing XQuery code that's separate from work, you want to learn from other developers using MarkLogic, you want to share your knowledge and skills of development on MarkLogic, you want to prove to the industry that MarkLogic is an excellent platform for web applications and be able to have an application to prove it, or anything else.

How Can Help Out? Who Are You Looking For?

Anyone is invited to participate and be a code contributor, however as with other open source projects, someone else may change your code, and there is no seniority here. No one owns the code. No one own areas of the application. We will be following the guidelines found in the book Producing Open Source Software, by Karl Fogel, which you can read online for free. This project is new, so there may be several changes as things progress. So let's keep it flexible and fun.

There is also need for front-end coders and designers, documentation, testing, and help screens. So please consider contributing Javascript, CSS, mockups, test plans, whatever if you like. There are lots of aspects to an applications besides just the code.

You can join the developer list for SteamWiki at

If you would like commit access, please sign up on SourceForge and then send an email indicating that you would like commit access to

Please feel free to send any suggestions about the project, the requirements, or anything else to the developer list.